Saul Daru'

Saul Darù, illustrator and architect.
Engaged in cultural and editorial projects,
illustrations, motion graphics
and video scenography for theatre, he is also involved in international cooperation projects.

About me


2017     JIA Illustration Award 2017, Japan Illustrators Association – Tokyo

________Fine Work Prize

2011     44 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges (CAT, Spain)

________Special Mention Nova Autoria Buñuel Institute

2011     Subtravelling Festival / Campus, Festival cortometrajes en el metro – Barcelona


2010     The Antic Horror Picture Show, Terror Short Film Festival – Barcelona

________Audience Award

2006     Award Illustrazione Italiana, Italian Illustrators Association – Milan

________Books Award

2006     INCASÒL, Institut Català del Sòl (architecture competition) – Barcelona

________First Price and assignment (in coll. con A12 Arquitectes)

2000     Walk About, (photo competition) – Trento (Italy)